ARP are a leading provider of TSM and STAR Surveys nationwide, with the experience and expertise to ensure you get the most out of your TSM or STAR survey. This includes advice on the most appropriate options within for your organisation, detailed analysis as standard and support with regulatory submissions and Housemark benchmarking.

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Real-time and near real-time data is increasingly important for keeping your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, being able to react and respond quickly when issues arise. Trend data over days, weeks and months also builds up a robust picture of customer satisfaction where subtle trends can be identified and addressed before further problems occur.

Continuous tracking also allows you to monitor the performance of your contractors, provide team based targets and build trust with your customer through the transparent sharing of on-going performance information.

ARP will work with you to develop or extend existing satisfaction monitoring and feedback mechanisms via telephone, online and self-completion data collection. Whether you require raw data for existing systems, live data dashboards or periodic reports we will provide outputs tailored specifically to your needs.



Welfare benefit reforms, the Equalities Act, commercialisation and the changing regulatory environment are all factors driving the need accurately capture, update and maintain records on the demographic, social, economic and aspirational profile of your customers.

The structure of your customer records is unique to your organisation, and we will work with you to identify the most appropriate methods to cost effectively integrate updated profile information with your existing database. This can include postal self-completion, online, telephone and face to face data collection, and often will utilise a combination to maximise the data collected.



Stimulating discussion amongst a small group of your residents or stakeholders will generate new ideas, reveal what drives their opinions, and be able to explore future options for service delivery. At ARP we utilise different approaches to groups and workshops as best suits the project objectives, including innovative use of the Priority Search methodology to deliver iterative feedback loops.



‘Tent-pole’ global satisfaction surveys are an important framework, but can only ever provide top level information – to understand the results from these surveys, or make sense of other observations, sometimes you have to dig deeper!

Is there a need for data to inform your integrated neighbourhood planning? Do you need to consult with tenants on your asset management and improvement programmes? How can customers help you to prioritise improvements in the lettings and voids service? Is an independent voice required to engage with staff or other stakeholders?

ARP has experience in all of the above, and can provide bespoke yet cost effective research to give you the specific answers you need across a wide variety of services. A variety of methodologies are available including our unique ‘Priority Search’, often used in conjunction with one another to maximise the insight and actionability of any research.

An-independent view


Do you want to know more about your organisational performance, culture, stakeholder or staffing issues? Are you considering changes and need better information that truly reflects the opinion and culture within your organisation to form a solid platform from which to make your decision?

Get to the heart of the matter with an unbiased and independent view with a cradle to grave package that includes:

  • research to identify the problem through a range of interventions including workshops, interviews, staff and stakeholder surveys
  • solutions mapping to provide options going forward with the strengths and weaknesses for each option
  • consultancy support to implement and embed the changes
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